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Audi Tire Sales & Service in Seaside, CA

At our Audi Monterey Peninsula tire center we offer a full range of tire services and a variety of high-quality tires for sale.

Audi Tire Sales and Services in Seaside, CA

The tires on your Audi play a key role in your vehicle's cornering, braking, and overall handling. The tires’ condition is also vital to your Audi's reliability and fuel efficiency. At our Audi Monterey Peninsula tire center we offer a full range of tire services and a variety of high-quality tires for sale. Our facility is located in Seaside, CA, only a short drive from Marina, Monterey, Del Monte Forest, and Pacific Grove, CA.


Tire Services at Audi Monterey Peninsula

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Tire Rotation

The tire tread is the tire area that goes into contact with the road. Our technicians will remove and reinstall the tires at a different position in our tire rotation service, allowing the tire tread to wear evenly. By evening your rate of tire wear, you can maximize the life of the tires.

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Wheel Alignment

If your Audi has been in an auto accident, hit a curb or large pothole, the wheels might have been knocked out of alignment. Regular wear and tear of the suspension can also cause misalignment. We can measure the wheel angles to determine if your Audi requires our alignment service.

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Tire Repair

We can patch and repair punctures, cracks, and other types of tire damage. Some types of tire damage are repairable for safe use, while more severe damage means you should discard the tire, and get a new tire.

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Tire Inspection

Whether you are looking for a routine tire inspection or have a damaged tire, allow our expert technicians at Audi Monterey Peninsula to perform a thorough examination of the tires. We will check the tread, sidewall, visual signs of tire damage, and inflated pressure.

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Tire Balancing

Unbalanced tires can result in scalloping or cupping of the tires. They can also result in excessive vibrations and noise from the tires. Our technicians can balance the tires by adding a small weight to the wheel.

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Audi Tires for Sale in Seaside, CA

At Audi Monterey Peninsula, we offer tires for all Audi models, including the Audi A4, A5, A7, A8, Q5, and Q7. Our tire experts can guide you to the most suitable tires for your Audi.


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To schedule a tire service or buy new tires, we welcome you at Audi Monterey Peninsula of Seaside, CA. To schedule service with us, you can use our online scheduler or give us a call during our regular business hours.


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