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Audi Battery Sales & Service in Seaside, CA

We invite you to stop by our facility at Audi Monterey Peninsula to get battery testing and inspection service to determine if a new battery is required.

Audi Battery Services for Sale in Seaside, CA

Is the battery in your Audi not performing as expected? It might be time to get it replaced. We invite you to stop by our facility at Audi Monterey Peninsula to get battery testing and inspection service to determine if a new battery is required. Our facility is located in Seaside, CA, allowing us to also serve Audi drivers in Monterey, Marina, Del Monte Forest, and Pacific Grove, CA.

Battery Services at Audi Monterey Peninsula

At Audi Monterey Peninsula, we offer a full range of battery services including battery testing and inspection, battery terminal cleaning, and battery replacement. Please continue reading to learn more about our battery services.

Battery Testing

Battery Testing

Our technicians will use a professional-grade multimeter to measure the voltage and cold cranking amps of the battery installed on your Audi. Based on the reading, our technicians will be able to guide you on the health of the battery.

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Battery System Inspection

Battery System Inspection

Apart from battery testing, it is also important to get a battery system inspection to make sure all battery components are working properly. In this service, our team will perform a thorough physical inspection of the battery system.

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Battery Terminal Cleaning

Battery Terminal Cleaning

Rust and corrosion on the battery terminals can be the reason why the battery is not performing as expected. Our technicians can inspect and clean the battery terminals.

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Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement

Car batteries can last anywhere between 2 to 5 years depending on usage, quality of the battery, maintenance, and environmental conditions. We can remove an underperforming or dead car battery from your vehicle, and install a high-quality car battery suitable for Audi vehicles.

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Signs of Failing Battery

  • Dim Headlights: A battery that is not performing properly will not be able to fully power the electrical components of your Audi, including the headlights.
  • Clicking Sound: A failing battery will struggle to start the engine. If the starter does not receive adequate current from the battery, it makes a clicking noise.
  • Slow Crank: The engine might crank slowly or sluggishly if the battery is weak.
  • Needing to Press Gas Pedal: You should not need to press the gas pedal to start the vehicle. If you are needing to do that, you might have a failing car battery.


Certified Audi Battery Service

Get Audi Batteries at Audi Monterey Peninsula

Stop by our facility in Seaside, CA, to get battery inspection, testing, terminal cleaning, or battery replacement service. Our service department is open from Monday to Friday.


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