Our large aluminum castings are a telling example of Audi ultra-lightweight technology. Primarily used in high-stress areas, these multifunctional castings achieve exceptional rigidity while also allowing for freedom of design, all while remaining extremely lightweight. It seems strange to say that, while we build strong, complex and high-performing machines, we’re naturalists at heart. Then again, it might not be that unusual, seeing how nature itself builds strong, complex and high-performing machines as well. When we developed the thinking behind out Audi ultra-lightweight technology initiative, we knew that nature would serve as an inspiration to greater structural efficiency. Take the structure of the elephant skull – It has to be lightweight, yet capable of carrying a heavy load. It’s porous, but its structure is such that it enhances its stability and strength. We do the same, for example, with aluminum. Positioned one way, aluminum materials can be flexible. Positioned another, they are strong and rigid, and give better support. Our designs allow for both rigidity and flexibility where each is most needed, and for efficiency overall. To read the full article, please click below:





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