Audi Q8 For Sale In Monterey

Drive Off in A New Audi Q8 in Monterey


The Audi Q8 Monterey is a mid-sized crossover SUV that has brought the elegance and luxury of a sedan to the flexibility and practicality of an SUV. This car has packed all the design features, power, and technology you could desire into one progressive looking, and luxurious feeling vehicle. It is an exciting addition to the Audi line of cars and perfect for some who need the practicality of an SUV but do not want to skimp on power or elegance. 


You Can Expect Power and Performance from the Audi Q8


Drivers can expect power and performance from the Audi Q8 Monterey. The Audi Q8 has the power Audi drivers appreciate. The Q8 boasts 335 hp with 369 lb.-ft of torque and can go from 0 to 60 in just over five seconds!  The standard quattro all-wheel drive allows you to confidently maneuver through dynamic driving conditions confidently. Plus, the Audi Q8 gives you a 7,700 lb towing capacity, meaning this crossover is powered for your commute, but also for weekend adventures. 


Enjoy the Luxury Design of the Audi Q8 Monterey


The Audi Q8 Monterey is a four-door, five-seater with coupe styling. The exterior boasts big arches and powerful lines and arches, which give the Q8 a powerfully athletic look on the street. The exterior also has an integrated LED dynamic light system into the headlights and taillights. The taillights illuminate in an animated progression, again adding to the luxury features of the car. 


The interior of the Audi Q8 Monterey highlights the luxury features that make driving an Audi special. This means a panoramic sunroof, an ambient lighting package for the interior, and options for your favorite features. This includes heated, leather front seats with massage and passenger memory options, and an upgrade to a Bang and Olufsen sound system. 


Enjoy the Luxury of Technology in the Audi Q8


After power and design, Audi drivers are passionate about technology. And the Audi Q8 Monterey will not disappoint. The new Q8 offers the MMI touch response system, which works as seamlessly as your cell phone. The touchscreen allows you to navigate, communicate, and access information seamlessly through haptic feedback. The Audi Q8 offers a virtual cockpit, as a standard feature, which allows you to access infotainment details, or navigate while you keep your eyes on the road. The head-up display will project vital information, such as speed, speed limits, and navigation information, into your sightline. 


Standard driver safety features are also profuse in the Audi Q8 Monterey. Driver's assist features, such as adaptive cruise control, top-view camera system with Virtual 360 view, and Audi pre-sense allow you to make proactive decisions to keep you, and your passengers, safer on the streets. 


Test Drive Your New Audi Q8 Monterey

The beautiful changing of seasons if the perfect time to give the new Audi Q8 Monterey a test drive. The best way to experience the power, luxury and technology of the Q8 is to get behind the wheel of the car. Visit our showroom, located at 3 Heitzinger Plaza in Seaside, CA. Or call our sales team at 888-720-5973 to schedule your appointment today.